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About Alexa


Alexa grew up in the Chicago suburbs with her incredibly supportive parents and two older brothers. From a young age, Alexa has best described herself as curious, and she has always been drawn to scientific solutions and artistic endeavors such as upcycling and restoration. In fifth grade, Alexa went on her first international trip to Bali, Indonesia where she was awestruck by the nature-bound culture and pristine landscape, which she has since realized as a touristic misconception. Since finding her purpose in her connection with the environment and finding new ways to envision and eliminate waste, Alexa has committed herself to a lifetime of caring for the planet in everything she does.



Alexa is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign majoring in Natural Resources and Environmental Science. She is also dual-minoring in Environmental Economics and Law as well as a Sustainability, Energy and Environment Fellows Program. Beyond her schoolwork, she is very active in social entrepreneurship organization Illinois Enactus, where she has researched issues such as textile, plastic and glass waste in the local community and ideated entrepreneurial ventures to solve these problems. She has also been involved in Project for Less, a student organization redistributing pre-consumer food waste from university dining halls to community organizations supporting low-income individuals.



Her ultimate vision is to encourage individuals to question their everyday habits and consider the toll that their mundane actions take on the planet. She hopes to break down the stigma of environmentalism as an idealistic, politically-divisive concept into a universally understood priority among diverse populations. Alexa's strong life vision comes from her participation in Lifebook, a personal development program which taught her the importance of purpose and intention in her daily choices, thoughts and actions. Taking this vision in mind, she intends to research and support a circular economy industrial model through corporate sustainability education and consulting. Eventually, she intends to join the B-Corp movement and concentrate her entrepreneurial spirit into an environmentally conscious and regenerative model of her own synergizing and balancing people, planet and profit.

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